Since 2014, a vast array of artists found their way to Studio Porino,  a  beautiful quiet place in Borgerhout, Antwerp.  It was founded by Roel Poriau, who has been working since 1998 as a drummer in various Belgian bands in rock, world and jazz music. (Think Of One, Flowers for Breakfast, Flat Earth Society, Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra, Rumbaristas …)

Studio Porino is designed by musicians to record and mix in comfortable circumstances without technical or practical distractions: wide choice of mics and outboard, 4 different rooms with different acoustics, reliable monitors and comfortable headphone mix, back line instruments, and also room to cook, eat, shower, sleep, relax….


Logic X,  Ableton 10, Pro Tools (Cubase installed, bring your dongle)

Mini Max M2, 24gb ram, OS ventura

Avid HD I/O (16ch)
Digidesign 192  (8ch)
Crane song HEDD quantum (2ch)

sonodyne SM200Ak
hearback personal mixers for headphones
headphones; beyerdynamic …
Sonarworks Soundid Reference


Trident 68 (24channels, 8 auxes, 8 groups, meterbridge)

akg C12 VR
Neumann USM 69i stereo mic
Neumann U87
Audio-Technica AT 4047/sv
akg C2000
Rode NT 2000
shure beta 91a (pzm)
Oktava: MK-012 (2)
akg c451b
neumann KM184 (2)
dpa IMK 4061 (2)

shure sm7b
shure sm 57 (4)
shure sm 58 (2)
shure 55H
shure sm57 beta
shure sm58 beta
Electro Voice RE20 (2)
senheisser e604 (3)
AKG D12e
akg D112
AKG D-19 (60s)
Beyerdynamic m201
Senheisser 421 HL (60s)
Senheisser MD211-U

AEA R-88 (stereo)
Sontronics sigma (2)
Coles 4038 (2)
Royer: R121
beyerdynamic  m160

 Trident68 (24 channels)
Summit TPA-200B (2)
Aphex 107 (2)
RFZ V781 (4channel, class A)
Crane Song Flamingo (2)

Universal audio 1176
Empirical Labs distressor EL8-X (2)
Smart Research C1 (2)
Tegeler Audio, Vari Tube Compressor (2)
BSS dpr 901II (dynamic equalizer)
dbx 128 (2)
TubeTech LCA2B (2)
Warm Audio EQP-WA (2) pultec

vermin VSR3 spring reverb
MicMix master room 210 stereo spring reverb
danelectro spring king
Roland RE-20 tapedelay
Dynacord Echocord super 76
Sansamp psa-1
Ensoniq Asr-10
Korg sdd-1000
Sherman Filterbank
stomp boxes: memory man,rat, daddy-O, moogerfooger phaser,….
Morley M2 wah
Jomox Mbase11


upright piano Carl Schmitt Hagen
farfisa VIP400



ludwig 1963 jazzkit (20″,12, 14″)
rogers big R kit (22″, 12″, 13″, 16″)
DW Collectors Series Full Maple Kit (22″, 10″, 12″, 14″)
some other toms and bass drums (gretsch, slingerland)
snare drums: ludwig supraphonic 1963 (14″), slingerland radioking 50’s,  rogers 14″, pearl maple free floating (14″), john blackwell signature (13″)…..
cymbals: vast collection of ride, crash, china, splash cymbals and more 😉


timbales (Lp Karl Perazo)
congas (meinl)
bells (latin and african)


fender bassman 135
fender combo
ampeg Jet2, model J-12r

waves Renaissance
Universal audio SPARK
izotope Ozone, RX10
antares Autotune
Wavemachine Labs drumagog (soundreplacer)
steven slate Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines
VocAlign project


all rooms, including bathroom (!), are connected by multicable and can be used to record or re-amp







Enrique Noviello & Michaël Decock, “Kus” (single, mixing, 2024)
Daan, to be released, (full album, mixing by Bert Van Roy, 2024)
Marche Funèbre, to be released (Full album, drum recording, re-amping, 2024)
Burning Skull, “Smoker’s paradise” (full album, recording, to be released, 2024)
Rumbaristas, “Yo vengo del underground” (single, recording, 2024)
Think Of One, “Goe Voor Mij”, (single, recording, 2024)
Toxic Shock, Reborn, (ep, drum recording, 2024)
Condor Gruppe, Hermano (tv-tune, 2024, recording, mixing)
Stijn Cole, soundtrack recording (drums recording, 2023)
Bart Voet & Esmé Bos, Ella (full album, recording, mixing, 2023)
Handkerchief, to be released, (full album, additional recording, production, mxing, 2023)
Djaribikan, ‘Leveil du soleil’ (full album, recording, mixing, 2023)
BBC 3 radio, interview with Anne Bilson (recording,2023)
Mirjam De Wit & Bette Westera, Lekker Wonen (full album, recording, mixing 2023)
Verwilderd, Prophecy of Chaos (single, drum recording 2023)
Rumbaristas, Malabares (album, recording, 2022)
Phronesis, to be released (ep, recording, 2022)
William Delay, Godspeed (single, drum recording, mixing, 2022)
Kolonel Djafar, to be released (album, recording, production, mixing, 2022)
Radio Barba, ‘Black Cats‘ (single, recorded, mixed, produced, 2022)
Laïs, ‘De langste Nacht‘ (album, drum recordings, 2021)
Rumbaristas, ‘Ya lo sabia’ (single, recording, 2021)
Omar Dahl, ‘Where we left‘ (ep, mixing, 2022)
Handkerchief, ‘Ghosts of this town‘ (album, mixing, 2021)
Andy & the Androids, ‘Ik wil een robot zijn’ (full album, recording, mixing, production,2021)
Radio Barba, ‘Let Love Rule‘ (single, recording, mixing, producing, 2021)
The Lazy Jazzmen, to be released (full album, recorded by Stoffel Verlackt, 2021)
Met-x Moving Music, ‘Enough is Enough‘ (single, recorded and mixed, 2021)
Namid &Sondervan, to be released (recording, mixing, 2021)
Handkerchief, ‘Alone‘ (drum recording, 2021)
Coup de Ville, ‘Drift‘ (full album, recording, mixing, production, 2021)
Rumbaristas, ‘No Llores (don’t cry sister)‘ (ep, recording, 2021)
PornoPop, ‘Toptunes‘ (mixing, mastering, 2021)
Merdan Taplak, ‘Elektronik interpretations of oriental inspirations‘ (full album, production, mixing, 2021)
Luc Mishalle & Véronique Delmelle: ‘Mrs Eb meets Mr Bb’ (recording, mixing, 2021)
Merdan Taplak, ‘Yallah (feat. Kawtar Tazi’ (single, production& mixing, 2021)
Het Akkoord, ‘Roedel-the movie‘ (recording, mixing, 2021)
Confluence, ‘River Of Drums’ (recorded & mixed by Bert Van Roy, 2021)
Jo Zanders, ‘Dzzz’ (recording, mixing, 2021)
Esmé Bos, Bart Voet & Bruno Vanden Broecke: ‘Potkast’ (recording, mixing, 2021)
Jon Birdsong, ‘rivers of january’, (full album, recording, 2020)
Antwerp All Stars, to be released (EP, recording, mixing, 2020)
Amir Asmar, ‘Wahed‘ (EP, vocal recordings, 2020)
Esmé Bos & Bart Voet, ‘Daar zat een aapje op een stokje’ (full album, recorded 2020)
Kolonel Djafaar, ‘The Heist’, (EP, recorded, mixed, produced, 2020)
Kader Zahnoun, to be released (Full album, recorded, co-produced, mixed, 2020)
Merdan Taplak, ‘Senslik Raksik‘ (mixed, produced, 2020)
Esmé Bos &Bart Voet, ‘Concert Magiq’ (recorded, 2020)
Namid & Dago Sondervan, ‘Ohmu’ (mixed, 2019)
Ejaspapa Band, to be released (recorded , 2019)
Kolonel Djafaar, ‘Bactrian Camel‘ (recorded, mixed and produced, 2019)
Laïs, ‘Ik Geniet‘  (recorded and mixed, 2019)
Onze Rijkdom,  ‘k heb u gemist‘ (full album, recorded by jo thielemans, 2019)
Sens Unique, ‘Vas-y molo’ (ep, recorded, mixed &produced, 2019)
Stovepipe, ‘Born to jive‘ (ep, recorded&mixed, 2019)
Crawford Mack, ‘Bread and Circuses‘ (full album, recorded by Colin Brain, 2019)
Radio Barba, ‘Soviet Macho’ (ep, recorded, produced and mixed, 2019)
Bernard Orchestar, ‘Team Building‘ (EP, recorded, produced, mixed, 2019)
Rumbaristas ‘Rumbaristas’ (full album, recorded by david bourguignon, 2019)
Grandview ‘Get across’ (Ep, recorded, produced, mixed, 2019)
Get some wine, Mas Que Nada (Ep, recorded and mixed, 2019)
Naked Form, to be released (koto and taiko recordings, 2019)
Formosa, to be released (full album, recorded by Martin Furia, 2019)
King Dalton ‘The Third’ (full album, additional recordings, 2018)
Rumbaristas ‘sabe a miel’ (single, recorded, 2018)
Nonkel Tony ‘we zijn thuis’ (full album, recorded by stoffel verlackt, 2018)
Gansan ‘African way of life’ (full album, recorded, 2018)
Teletext ‘Hout‘ (Ep, recorded by Stoffel Verlackt, 2018)
Dago sondervan ‘Drop the bass’(mixed, 2018)
Radio Barba ‘Bazar in miscare’ (ep, mixed, 2018)
Ne t’en fais pas ‘Ne t’en fais pas‘ (full album, recorded, mixed, produced, 2018)
Punchline Hunting Season ‘Sleepless in Shokudo’ (EP, recorded, 2018)
Bottle of Moonshine ‘The world is gonna end tonight’ (EP, recorded and mixed, 2017)
Rumbaristas ‘Canhaveral’ (EP, recorded&mixed, 2017)
Eddy et les vedettes ‘Chansons fatales’ (full album, recorded by Pieter Van Buyten, 2017)
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra  ‘Black Panther’ (Full album, recorded, 2017)
Zannemie en de bende ‘Zannemie en de bende‘ (full album, recorded by stoffel verlackt, 2017)
Laïs ‘Midwintertales PT.2’ (full album, recorded&mixed, 2017)
Zonzo Compagnie ‘Liedjes met wortels II’ (full album, recorded by Stef Lenaerts, MotorMusic, 2017)
Lost Baron ‘Bastard Blood‘ (EP, recorded, 2017)
Duncan Spencer ‘Duncan Spencer’ (ep, recorded by Colin Brain, 2017)
Sindicato Sonico ‘El kadafi del sabor’ (full album, recorded&mixed, 2017)
Strange Feathered Friends ‘Beach Noir’ (Ep, Recorded & Mixed, 2017)
Juntacadaveres ‘Who’s gonna stop us now’ (Mixed, 2017)
Smradio ‘Smradio’ (ep, recorded and mixed, 2017)
Marlijn Spee ‘Hier ben ik’ (ep, recorded&mixed, 2017)
Foozen Ken ‘Les polticiens’ (ep, recorded&mixed, 2016)
Orchestra International du vetex ‘Fifavela’ (Full Album, recorded, mixed, produced, 2016)
Sugar juan y los salvages ‘Guajira’ (ep, recorded&mixed, 2016)
Tine reymer ‘Thrill My Soul’ (vocal recording, 2016)
Sisters of Suffocation ‘Brutal Queen’ (EP, recorded by martin furia, 2016)
Anavantou ‘Brincantes’ (full album, recorded, 2016)
Calypso Gigolos ‘Gregor Terror and the calypso gigolos’ (EP, mixed, 2016)
Les Blauws ‘Les Blauws’ (Lp, recorded, 2016)
Redcoat ‘Favorite creature’ (recorded, produced, 2015)
Bliksem ‘Gruesome Masterpiece’ (full album, recorded by martin furia, 2015)
Veston ‘veel beterschap (recorded by stoffel verlackt, 2015)
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra ‘Kilo Gipsyska’ (full album, recorded & produced, 2015)
Ambrassband ‘Antonelli’s garage’ (EP, mixed, 2014)
Sens Unique ‘En Route’ (Full album, recorded, mixed, produced, 2014)
Vanderbuyst ‘At the crack of dawn’ (full album, recorded by martin furia, 2014)
Lady Angelina ‘Stadsboerin’ (full album, Recorded &mixed, 2014)
Bizarorama ‘Energie de la belgique’ (recorded, mixed, produced, 2014)
Melike Tarhan ‘Ex Oriente Lux’ (Full Album, recorded, mixed, produced, 2014)



Please contact us for more info. We make special deals depending on your needs and project. All prices excl TVA

Recording with engineer 50€/hour,  available recording engineers/producers are Roel Poriau, Stoffel Verlackt , Martin Furia ….
Recording without in-house engineer 40€/hour
Mixing  250€/ track (you can send your files online, we send the mix back) 350€/track (if editing is required)
Drumming 200€/track (also online)
Staying overnight: 60€/night (3 places, more if you bring your stuff)